The Last Entry

Title from a group called “Endanger”, its about despair, survival, hope, loss, times gone by. The sun maybe setting but there is always tomorrow.

Ive been to Exeter today (The Museum and the Library) and
I’m going back tomorrow. I got a book about gadgets from the 50’s to the 90’s and its like childhood revisted (80’s) Im a geek 🙂

I wanna wanna be in a band

Im warming to this shoot the further Im getting through the images.I took way too many and thats the problem. I need to slow down again and plan my shots. This is the uncensored version.
Ive just discovered Alice in Videoland, OMG 🙂

Missing Pieces

This set is by no means the sharpest set Ive shot but it was the first time I’d sued film clips exclusively so perhaps thats the problem, that and not using a tripod. I remember seeing my ribs once upon a time. I do adore the colours in the background.

12 months ago i would have loved the results of this shoot but now I found the errors and faults frustrating, which is probably a good sign, right?

Party Planet

Ive added a few light effects to this (Bokeh). When I first saw this image it reminded me of Blade Runner (Zhora) so hence the inspiration to give the the image a more exotic feel, a feeling of ecstasy.

It hurts to know that my thoughts have been re-arranged

A strange binary/code video clip. It works well, I feel, all cyber-sci-fi-blade runner esq. The shadows help conceal, which I’m happy with.

This project has grown and grown and I have no idea where it will end.

Absurd Minds

The trouble with film clips is they are moving, and shooting hand held doesn’t really help the process which is why I perhaps get images that aren’t really as sharp as I would like.

This image is a case in point but I still think it works and I’m thinking of trying long exposures with light projection. There will be all these crazy blurred lines and colours and shapes. There are a great number of possibilities and outcomes which will increase the enjoyment of the experimenting.

A broken prayer for inspiration.

The colour of the sky hasn’t quite reproduced itself in the image and I must admit I was too lazy to replace it, plus this project isn’t about replacing things. its about capturing and tweaking a little bit, so there is my justification.

This was the first shoot for ages and I need to do more and more.

Rainbow Rising

Using a lovely rainbow clip. this shot just cried out to be a nude. This is my first nude, i worried about it before hand but to be honest it was no big deal. I still don’t see the point of doing nude for the sake of it but in this case it possibly made the image.

More to follow

Analog Trash

Tuesday I can more or less blog all day. Which is good most of the time especially when its dark and wet outside.So far its taken me about 40mins to write this line. Its not really anything to do with the fact I have nothing to say Ive been surfing the big bad web for inspiration and avoiding going anywhere near my back account. Ive also posted on FB which 2 weeks ago I swore I would never do again. I go there and people are rude and people have their heads so far up there backsides its scary. Photographers who post run of the mill dross that are about as original as Daily mail headlines. Yes I’m a grump about and feel hacked off but then again I suppose I’m not commercial or trying to be. Just sometimes it would be nice.